Vintage Garfield Halloween Mug "Let's Scare Up Some Fun

Vintage Garfield “Get Spooky” Halloween Mug

Garfield is dressed as a mummy on this vintage Halloween mug. Surrounded by bats in an orange background Garfield’s mummy […]

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Vintage Josef Originals Christmas Tree Ornament

This is a vintage angel, with christmas tree and ornament, figurine by Josef Originals Japan.┬áThis vintage angel figurine stands about […]


Vintage 1967 Table / Desk Lamp Made in Japan Model:U-720HL

Here is a vintage 1960’s electric table/desk lamp. This vintage lamp has a Lo and High power switch. There are […]

Vintage Avon Poodle Cologne Perfume Poodle Bottle

Vintage Avon “Occur!” White Poodle Cologne Perfume Bottle

This is a vintage Avon cologne / perfume bottle. This vintage cologne or perfume bottle is in the shape of […]

Vintage Alexander Backer Chalkware Filipina Lady Woman Head

Vintage Alexander Backer Chalkware Polynesian Woman Bust

Here is a vintage Alexander Backer chalkware polynesian woman bust. Chalkware, made from plaster of Paris, was sold in the […]

Vintage Chalkware Hawaiian Woman Lady Head

Vintage Chalkware Hawaiian Woman Head

Here is a vintage chalkware Hawaiian woman head. There were a number of companies that produced this Hawaiian woman head […]

Vintage Dancing Dutch Boy and Dutch Girl Chalkware Wall Decor

Vintage Dancing Dutch Boy & Girl Chalkware Wall Decor

Here are a set of vintage dancing Dutch boy and girl chalkware. Chalkware, made from plaster of Paris, was sold […]